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Why Buy With US?

At Upper Edge Realty we use a proven, repeatable system backed by market research to find the perfect home, negotiated at the best price and terms to save thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs and costly mistakes.

Home Search Information

New Homes Search – Free Tool

Sign up for a FREE local home search and receive a list of homes for sale in your desired area. Stop looking through three different newspapers, get a complete inventory list here for FREE.
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How to Find Your Next Home

When you know what you are looking for and how to find it, your buying power increases dramatically. Be prepared to negotiate like a pro and make offers that won’t be refused!
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Find Foreclosure Bargains

Foreclosures offer great opportunities for home seekers and investors. Have you ever heard stories of someone purchasing a home for 50% off? These great finds are not uncommon, you too can find them!
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Home Buying During Winter

Buy a new home for pennies on the dollar when you purchase in the winter season, the SECRET clearance sale of the real estate market!
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Buyer Savings Information

Making an Offer on a New Home

Make an offer on a new home that no seller will refuse… learn the tools to negotiating like a pro in very little time! It makes little different whether you are a veteran home buyer or a first-timer.
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First-Time Home Buyers

First-time home buyers no longer need to feel overwhelmed or frustrated from the home buying process. You just need to know what to plan for and what questions to ask to make the process quick and easy.
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Minimize or Avoid Your Down-Payment

Can you afford the monthly payments on your desired home but do not have the finances for the down payment? There is a solution… learn how you can purchase your next home with no money down!
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Additional Buyer Resources

Agent Commissions Explained

Understanding agent fees is very important when selecting the BEST agent possible to meet your home buying needs. Get access to the secrets that your agent won’t tell you, before you even look at a single home!
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Buy a Home that will Appreciate

A home that increases in value is a great find that most people fail to discover, learn how to spot a home that will grow in value almost overnight!
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Buying Multi-Family Homes

By purchasing a multi-family home, your housing costs could potentially be as little as zero dollars per month! Discover the secrets to purchasing a home that starts giving back to you.
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Buyer’s Preferred Service

Receive continuous email alerts of all new listings that match your home buying criteria. No longer will you have to do the research yourself, these hot homes will come to you! Preferred buyers receive completely free…
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Buying an Investment Property

Successful real estate investment can help you achieve the lifestyle you always dreamed of. Learn the secrets about the world of real estate investment and start watching your investments work for you.
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Down Payment Verification

Do your homework before you make your next home’s down payment. Eliminate the headaches of lender verification and purchase your next home with no upfront money.
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